пятница, 23 мая 2014 г.

1).It`s place where people can meet friends. It's a big black building. It`s big enough for us. Located on the fourth floor Planet Smile. Cuba located on the street Zvilling. I enjoy spending free time there because there is a very pleasant atmosphere and comfortable.In Cuba there are many clothing stores where you can purchase a variety of beautiful clothes at an affordable price.  (Kuba)

2). This place is interesting for teenagers.This building is located behind the (OKM) museum.Here you can have a snack, watch a movie, go bowling or billiards, etc.I like this place because I have memories associated with it. Also there is a very pleasant atmosphere.(Megapolis)


My favorite place in the flat, is my room. My room is the most comfortable place in the flat.You can fit about 8 people there sitting down. I value my personal space. And I hate when somebody violates it. Under this, my door is always locked. What makes my room terrific place to relax.

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