четверг, 28 ноября 2013 г.

ДЗ по английскому

To get information about my interests, I often check out fashion magazines.
Whenever I want to keep up with the latest news I watch TV news.
To chill out, I listen to music.
My favourite TV programmes are comedy programmes .
When I want to express my own opinions, I post comments on social networks.
When I`m doing research for school  work, I use to surch engine "google".
To catch up with my friends` news and give my own, I use Vkontakte. 

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  1. Thanks.
    Yulia, mind the punctuation - there are some missing commas in your writing.
    There is a spelling and a grammar mistake in sentence 6.
    Could you please, tell more or give some examples on what comedy programs do you watch and why, etc.