четверг, 14 ноября 2013 г.

Домашнее задание по английскому.

1. Язык жестов.
 Speech. It is verbal and non-verbal. Imagine you are dumb and you like what you need to communicate with a man. In this book, we'll tell you about sign language and how to use it. So what? Come on!

2. Jane Eyre, Sharlotta Bronte
Jane Eyre lost her parents early and was now living with her aunt, Mrs. Reed. Her life was not sweet. Jane  decided to move away from them. Sweet, modest girl Jane, came to work as a governess in a posh castle, whose owner was Mr. Rodchester. Jane sees Mr. Rodchester and falls in love with him. Do you want to meet Jane in this castle? Will everything turn out well for the couple?

3.Дом в котором... Mariam Petrosyan
Home for children abandoned by their parents. Can we call this a boarding school? For children who live there it is a whole world of its own. The world in which there are no names or nicknames. The world that is  divided into good and bad. Heaven and Hell. Let's delve into this strange world.

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  1. Yulia, thanks a lot for your blurbs!
    The first books seems to be really useful, the second is an all time bestseller, and the third sounds like a must-read for me.
    It's a pity you din't mention the authors, could you do that, please?